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Quilted Maple Sanding

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ok well im sanding down the 3A quilt top on my guitar, i did the same to the headsrock veneer and it looks great although i used different methods on it.

-I have a drill with 120grit disc and a 400grit

-different grades of sand paper

-cabinet scraper

what is the best method of sanding the top so that there is a nice contrast between the light and darker patches on the quilt as i will black stain it later and then put a blue stain over it?

using fine sandpaper doesn't seem to do much? what shall i do? I did use an wedge shaped sander thingy on it to start with and im thinking it might have squashe the fibres or something.



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Did you read the post??? The 1st sentence on the quote gives you the answer to your 1st question, and the other one , you don't need grain filler, I don't know were you see that, unless you are filing the grain on mahogany, ash or any other wood with thick pores. Ans sanding sealer is not a must, but it made my work easier. You can do with laquer but you will need many more coats than SS

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