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Pickless Jazz Bass

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Im really interested in getting a frettless jazz bass. At first I was going to build it myself but after running through the cost it's way to expensive for me to afford. So now im considering purchasing a Fender standard frettless jazz bass and refinishing it. My question is this if I take off the pickguard on the bass will it still look right? Im going for the Jaco Pastorius signature model type look. So if I take it off will it be weird looking or will it look alright once I refinish it.

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I share your pain. I hate pickgaurds. It is not that hard to refinish a bass with the pickgaurd removed unless you are going with a natural sunburst or some other semi-clear finish. If you like solid colors (I do) it will not be a task at all. AND I agree, you can buy a decent fretless and have everything you need for less than you can buy the parts. I don't think too many people on this forum build guitars to save money. If they say they do, I would question their honesty. :D

Hey, I forgot about the top-routing issue! Yeh, that would be a bit of a problem if the guitar you select is top-routed.

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thanks for the help. I had thought about the routing problem and i was almost positive that the stanard fender frettless is front routed which wouldn't look to good unless you're going for that "I took my pickguard off because im making a statement" look. As of right now I'll probably just end up buying some cheapo bass from a garage sale or pawn shop and taking the frets off and filling the slots with wood veneer or epoxy. If I take the frets off though will i have to replace the nut because it seems to me that the action would be pretty high without the frets on?

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