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Dragon Mountain Lp Body

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i just bought an lp body from dragon mountain on ebay. havent payed yet just wondering what you all think of it. anyonew had experience with this company. Also is $94 with shipping a fair price?

lp body

Willy is quirky (DragonMountain) -- but he has always been a straight-up guy.

I've bought parts from him over time.

He moves a LOT of parts/bodies/etc on eBay.

I would trust him -- but I don't know the quality of his guitar bodies.

But for that price ... oh my god. You can barely get decent wood and shaped for near that price (let alone finished).

-- joe

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I have purchased stuff from him before, I've always been satisied. I always snipe what I want and don't get involved in bidding wars. If you can wait he is always listing the same stuff as soon as one auction is over so you can try for a better price. I always watch a few of his auctions before I bid on one to get the general idea of what things are going for.


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