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Red That Won't Go Away!

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I'm refinishing a Squier strat that used to be red and even though there's not even a trace of primer or anything that looks even remotely like a finish, there's still an annoying pink hue. I read/heard somewhere that bleach might do the trick and I did that. It worked a little (wiped on with a rag). Should I just keep givin' 'er with the bleach or is there a more efficient way of doing things?

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If you're using straight laundry bleach strength is the issue. Get some wood bleach , which is oxalic acid, read the instructions and use that. It may take a couple of applications but it will lighten most anything. Sometimes things get too washed out with it so watch it.

Kleen Strip also makes a two part peroxide bleach that Lowe's and Home Depot sell. It's pretty strong stuff too.

Remember to wear goggles even with household bleach. It'll tear your eyes up. And ventilate your work space or do it outside.

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