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Poly To Nitro?

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I'm considering purchasing a used Orville Les Paul which is a simply beautiful 59 Les Paul Vintage Sunburst Guitar barring one contencious point, it has a poly finish.

I really don't think the shiny poly finish suits these vintage looking guitars but I could not have dreamed of a better looking burst so...

Does anyone know how valid it would be to get the poly finish removed and a thin nitro finish applied maintaing the finish intact?

And if so what would be a ball park figure to get this done proffessionally, I would even settle for just the top to be refinished?

thanks for any help you guys can give.


and appologies in advance I meant to post this in the finishing forum

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Hi Syd,

1) The sunburst finish is most likely a part of the poly finish, so probably not.

2) If it isn't, removing the poly will probably still remove bits and pieces of what ever finish/stain is underneath it.

Either plan on refinishing the whole thing or don't bother messing with it.

Guitar Ed

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