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Evh Designed Kramer

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Something strikes me as dodgy about it, but I don't know enough about Kramers to put my finger on it. Not that it's a 'scam' per se, but just that certain aspects are being hyped more than they should.

"Original Floyd Rose before fine tuners" seems a bit odd....

I don't know. I'd research a bit before jumping in... but that's what you're doing by posting here I guess, so mission accomplished! :D

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Kramer striker is not a good guitar, and it is over priced. A good one to look for will be a Kramer Focus 1000, the striker is the cheapo ones. Or the ones that were out ofter the focus died, and that is not the original (bannana) headstock, is the one after the lawsuit.

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Yes the striker model was the low end Kramer, but,

if i remember right some early models are known to have solid wood bodies as opposed to ply.

and yes early Floyds did not have fine tuners. So this may be an early model of striker.

If it has a solid body or not you cant know until you buy it.

Defintaly not worth the buy it now price.

Focus models are excellent guitars for the price(although they seem to be going up lately) they can be bought at.

Solid bodies, real floyds etc....

I have a Focus 3000 i picked up for $120 and a Focus 4000 i got for $125.

I would avoid the striker if possible. but would be suitable i say for a beginner to see how they like playing guitar before they plunk down some real cash.

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Yeah, that guitar is a piece of crap.. You would be better off to find a maple neck strat and do an EVH paint job on it. There are a couple of threads in the inlay forum about doing EVH paint jobs.

If you want a guitar like eddies, build it like eddie.. He bought a body, bought a neck, slapped a pickup in it and a trem. The early evh guitars were done on the cheap.. That was the attitude and the personality. If you could paint your skateboard you can paint a guitar as good as eddie :D

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