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Marshall Rocket Strat Copy, Neck File

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My friend gave me this guitar, he didnt want it anymore so i said id have it to mess around with and modify, anyway i want to file down the neck as it is quite bulky and im just wondering how much I would be able to take of it before it 1.weakens the neck and 2. i file into the truss rod cavity bit

I know the depth of the truss rod cavity is gonna vary due to what truss rod it is an other factors, but is there a general amount that is ok to take off?


Dave :D

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is it a 1 piece neck or does it have a glued on fingerboard? If it's the latter you could figure 3/8s back from the bottom of the fingerboard and then add 1/8 or so for safety and use that as a guide. I don't know of any truss rods that are deeper than 3/8. If it's a 1 piece neck, use the adjustment nut on the butt end as a guide.. 3/8 bac from the top of the butt nut.. The top being the fret side..

Don't try to turn it into a Wizard neck or anything like that.. but shaving a little off of it won't hurt anything.

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