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Floyd Rose Pro

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I've just bought an original floyd rose pro tremolo setup for my ibanez, but my only problem is that the trem block is too tall for this guitar. I searched around a little bit and found that I can either buy a shorter trem block, or just cut some of the bottom off of this one.

I was wondering what kind of adverse effects(if any) the shorter trem block is going to have on how it works.

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If you remove mass from the trem block it might have a small effect on the sustain and tone of the guitar, as this reduces the overall mass of the floating portion of the trem. By reducing the mass, more of the string's vibrations will be absorbed by the vibration of the trem itself, thus having a negative effect on sustain and maybe tone.

This being said, I dont know how significant these effects might be, because you are probably removing a small amount of the block.

I think they would be negligible.

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Cool, thanks for your guys' help...

Though, I am getting a little worried about the string clearance here with the low-profile and all...has anyone had trouble with that? Any insight here is appreciated as im a bit of a newbie to guitar building.

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