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Way To Reduce Feeback On Amp?

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You could unplug it. :D

Seriously, you've given us no information at all - Madame Cleo and John Edwards together would have a hard time figuring out what's going on! What kind of amp, how is it hooked up, did the problem just start recently, has the amp been in storage, is the problem feedback or distortion, ... we need to know somethin'. :D

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I gave little info because the amp is quite embarassing. BUt it is a Suier 15 watt, a 3 prong, combo, and if I unplugg the guitar I still get fuzz, I have already sheilded the guitar. any way to fix this.

I have tryed multiple different speakers to no avail, I am planning on a new amp soon but I just was just wondering if there was somethign I could do to this amp until then. :D

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