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Removable Neck Travel Guitar

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I've been contemplating throwing together a guitar that I can take with me when I travel by plane - esentially a minimalistic electric guitar, with removable neck. I'm not after anything fancy in tone, but something that I can use to work scales & practice some music when I'm on the road.

The intent is something that I can toss into a briefcase as a somewhat protected carryon - thus the removable neck. I'm still working out the body ideas (anywhere from a 2x4 sized thing to something a bit more elaborate). Electronics would be simple - one pickup, no controls - run into a POD or equivalent & then headphones.

One thought that I've had was to replace the normal neck mounting screws with some screw in studs (screwed into the neck). These would go through the body holes & neck plate - then be attached with wing nuts (for easy removability). Has anyone played around with this type of design - offer any suggestions?



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The threaded inserts idea seems a solid one. Removable neck, combined with the compactness of a Steinberger L-style guitar would be about as compact as it gets. :D

With a removable neck idea, my first thought, though is-- what about the strings? Make sure in your planning phase that you have a way to accomodate the strings. Seems to me that a locking system would work out OK, as long as you can think of a good way to 'manage' the slack strings when the neck is removed.


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Yeah, the bushings in the neck work great. I use regular threaded bolts (recessed into the heel, with washers) and just pack a phillips screwdriver. No problems at airport security so far (n=3 & counting).

If I had to do it over again, I'd go with Steinberger gearless tuners on the body (less expensive than the headless ABR system).

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this may help with the strings:

when removing the neck, place velcro at the 3rd fret or so, just after the bridge and the 12th fret, this will keep the strings spaced, and untangled. then just slacken them off and fold the neck away.

thats a very handy trick I found on frank ford's site.

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