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Balancing Act

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Now that I have finally figured out what kind of bridge (kahler) which I recently found out on ebay can go for quite a bit of dough :D BUt now I knowI have that I have quite a few parts missing.

1) 6 fine tuning screw

2) Bar

3) Locking nut

4) truss rod cover ( salvaged one off of a friends old neck)

Now The springs or what ever you want to call them in my brdieg right now seem to tune to drop d and thats it, if I tune to standard the bridge just keeps moving at a higher angle and I can no longer hold a tune. now I have found this on ebayTrem setter

and I was wondering how I would go about using it, whether I should buy this or try something else.

Thanks Chad

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What Kahler do you have is the first question ??? If it's a cam operated one then the tremsetter will be of no use but if your Kahler is the later Floyd rip off (Spyder / Flyer etc) then you can use the tremsetter. If you can't tune the thing to E (440hz) then the springs need to be looked at as they're putting up too much resistance for the gauge of string and the overall set up of the guitar. If it's a Floyd then release the tension of the claw screws a turn or so and see if it's any better, try again and again and again.......... Also take into account what gauge strings you're using as most Floyd type's don't like 8's very much at all, try 9's or a hybrid set of 10's. If it's a cam operated Kahler Pro then the tension can be adjusted via an allen key on the side of the unit and again try a turn, probably anticlockwise but don't quote me as i haven't played one since the 80's, and see how the tension settles.

Jem. :D

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The bridge its self sits inside of a frame basically and is held in place by 2 screws with a bearing around them so Im assuming it is not a floyd rose one. but I am playing 9's at the moment so the only ting I can possibly think of is using 8's. I dont have a working Digi cam at the moment, via a 3yr. old playing catch :D. So I'll try to borrow one and take some pics

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