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Western Maple For Tele?

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Hi folks,

I'm gonna be making up some teles. I'm living in Vancouver BC, and can get decent pricing on Western Maple. I've read on here people saying it's a lot like Alder. And I've read on here people saying Alder is what most Teles were made from. I don't know much about tone woods, so I'm posting this before I get into it. I read on here that the soft maple doesn't sustain as well because it is less dense than the hard maple. Just put this up looking for opinions/advice.


Billy bones

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I'm currently builing a tele from a single block of wrn. maple and eastern maple neck w/ maple fretboard. My only concern is that the guitar might sound a bit on the "twangy" side, but we'll see. If it does come out that way I might be able to work things out in the pickups and electronics areas. Btw, I'm in Victoria, BC but got two brothers and my folks in Vancouver. Nice to see some semi-locals in the forum. :D

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