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Maple Fretboard Finish

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I'm building the same ie. maple on maple and haven't decided on laquer or polyurethane quite yet. I think the poly will be more durable and lay down thicker. Either way, the fret tops will be covered and I guess a little cutting with a razor and then light sanding should fix things. It would be best to make sure whatever you use is fully cured and then tape over the wood before dealing with the frets. The nut slot on my neck (tele style) will be taped over before shooting as the nut is a perfect fit right now. :D

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If you want to go for the vintage look, nitro the whole thing.. You can scrape it off the frets after the fact, or tape them before.. either way. I think most just scrape the frets. I saw a trick once where someone ground the shape of a fret into the head of a nail and used that to scrape tha lacquer off the frets.. Steel wool should do it too I would thnk.

I would imagine nitro will be a bit easier to get off the frets than poly.. The ReRanch folks say that nitro doesn't like the fretmaterial and won't adhere to it.

If you want a more satin feel, do a tung oil or tru-oil finish. You can't go wrong there for a great playing neck. About 4 thin coats of tru-oil and you'll be in business.

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