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Quality Of Wilton Lathe?


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Cool. Cuz the price is less than half of what the Jet costs. The Wilton retails for $99 -$249 for the Jet.

I did finally find a review on some woodworkers forum and they said it was a fairly good quality hobby/pen lathe, but not quite the quality of Jet. I'll at least bid on it. Thanks BigD for the info.

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I do a lot of turning for funiture parts and architectural details. I have a big cast iron W&H but I use a small Jet for small stuff. Nice little beast. $75 at a yard sale. All of the small lathes under $300 are great for small turnings. Chair legs, finials, rosettes, etc.

You'll get an occasional lemon, more in the cheaper lathes, but you'll also get the occasional diamond. It's a crap shoot with anything made in China.

Do yourself a favor and give the tools to someone you don't like. They don't hold an edge worth anything. Get a set of Robert Larsens or Sorby's.

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Thanks for the info, Doc. It seems everybody is nuts about the Jets. Everybody uses them. I don't want to go cheap and end up with something that will fall apart in a couple months, but on the other hand I just can't see spending twice the money to turn a couple knobs for my guitar. I want to land somewhere between Harbor Freight and Jet and I think this may be the ticket. I just need some validation.

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