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First Bass => Help With Pus...

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Ok; I'm planning out my first Guitar (well...bass), and I'm trying to find suitable pickups. On every site I've checked so far, I've yet to find any PUs less than $90 US. I can't tell if bass PUs don't come that cheap, or if I'm just incompetent.

For figuring pu type, here's the guitar's general specs:

Maple Neck (neck-thru)

Basswood Wings

2 octave maple fingerboard

4 Strings (E-A-D-G)

Built to play Rock/metal/punk/alternative/fusion

I'm only want one pickup (preferably passive), so I was thinking either a P-style one, or a nice big Musicman style humbucker (I'm leaning towards the latter ATM).

The sooner I figure out the details of stuff like this, the sooner I can build this beauty, so any help would be much obliged. Thanks in advance!

- Xander

PS; If it helps to motivate you all to help me, I'm intending to make a picture-laden tutorial... :D

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Picture laden tutorials are good, as long as they follow the forum picture rules. :D:D

(it's true, but I'm mostly just busting your chops because of a recent thread)

$90 is what I would consider fairly inexpensive for a decent pickup. I'd say go with the MusicMan style one, but that's just an opinion.

Also, for bass even moreso than guitar (in my opinion) it might be worth looking into an active pickup system.


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For your style of music, I'd go with an active system. A decent one will give you the option of going passive with a switch or push-pull knob. Passive is cheaper for sure, but if you're building your own bass then you already know that this is not a way to save money on an axe...(right?)...

I just bought a Bartolini humbucker similar to this one.

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You beat me to it!!

Definitely go with Bart's!! Here's an MM style that will fit what you're playing:

Bartolini MM

I was a big fan of MM's until I bought one and played it. I love the sound of the pups but the bass itself seems more suited to funk and slap than the blues I like to play. Too much twang in that there thang!!!

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I seem to have the exact same preference in all things bass as blueP. I play at lot of funk at union gigs and love MMs for that. Or EMGs. The mini-HBs or Barts are for the more solid, thump/rumble. BTW, I like the new nickname. blueP. Sounds like a sandwich or a medical condition! :D

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