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Painting For Newbies

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Im working on my 2nd guitar and have never painted anything in my life with a gun or can. So im wondering which do you think i should start with? Is there an easier one? So i pick both up and start using both? I know there are prolly a lot more colors in paint then cans but im still wondering. I have done the research on the site and am really scared to try both lol. What do u guys think?

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you really cant be scared you just have to go for it, at the same time you have to be accepting that you may screw up and its a learning process so either way you are going to have to spend some money up front before you get a good finish, with that also if you read alot and prep the wood well and what not you can come out with a good finish even from a rattle can. I personally started off with a spray gun because there was already a cheap gun at my house to use. If you dont want to spend that much money up front go with the rattle cans. either way is acceptable


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well do you already have a good compressor, because if you do, i would suggest getting a good gun because by the time you spray this body and maybe one more, you'll have spent enough to buy a good enough spray gun and paint. Will you be painting more guitars for yourself and others as you progress..rattle cans can end up being pretty expensive and if you can afford the upfront cost you'll be much better off

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Yeah i have a good air compressor. Its my dads, its a 60 gallon. My brother has a really really nice like 350$ or somehting like that gun he said i could use. My question is beathing mask things (forgot names at the moment) How much does one cost. Im going to be using car paint. Just a black then clear over it. Also is there a tutorial with pics around here about preping the body. What are all the steps i take. I think i know them. Heres is what i know.

1. Fill grain with grain filler


3.Spray primer


5.Spray color

sand and repeat till good color

6.Spray clear

7. polish

Are those all the steps? Also my cousin wants to swirl his body. The post say start with a white base coat. Does that mean the base coat is a white primer, or is it primer the body then spray white color over it then dip. I will be paint all my bodys from here on out, which is why i think i should pick up a gun instead of spray cans. Thanks guys.

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