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Hey guys,

I thought you might like to hear about this so heres my review from www.vai.com :

Hey everyone, since youve all pretty much heard about the show from others i wont go too deep into description but ill focus on my MEET AND GREET experience.

The show was amazing. 75% of the time i felt like i was in a dream and like I was only half conscious. Steve's playing was almost completely flawless. He really managed to make it sound like the records. The sound was a bit too loud but luckily i had my earplugs.

So heres my meet and greet story :

A couple weeks ago i won passes on the vai.com forum. Yesterday when i arrived at the box office to pick them up, they told me my name wasnt on the list ! I obviously started freaking out like never before. So I decided to just go watch the show and take care of that later.

After the show I went to speak to some of the security people since there was noone more "Official" to talk to. They all told me there was nothing they could do because they worked for the Metropolis and not the band or promoter. So I just hung around thinking of what i should do next. I was just standing against a wall and they I saw Eric Sardinez sitting by the T-Shirt counter signing Cd's. I walked up to him , had a little talk and asked him if he could autograph my poster. (just a Washburn commercial from guitarworld) I told him i was sorry i couldnt get anything better for him to sign and he said not to worry about it. He's such a nice guy this Eric. (my sister likes him now) Laughing Plus, he took the time to spell my name right.(nobody ever gets it right) Laughing Anyways after that i explained him my situation with the passes. He said he would go talk to Mikey from Vai.com to try and make things clear. He told me to wait outside by the back door next to the bus.

So next i went to wait out the back door. I waited outside bu the bus for 10 minutes and met Jeremy Colson (drummer) from the Band and took a picture with him. He was soo cool and laid back. Some guy was wearing a bad religion shirt and Jeremy said he was a fan od Bad Religion. That kind of suprised me. Then i told Jeremy I saw Bad Religion last summer at the Vans Warped tour. It was almost like talking to a good friend. I felt no pressure or rock star attitude whatsoever.

Then a security dude came out the back door and called for the people that had Aftershow Pass problems. He took me in the back door to meet Mikey. Mikey asked me for my name and username and checked if I really did win on his cool Imac laptop. He then said I could come to the meet and greet with my mom and sister.

( the people outside were all asking why we were let in. It was funny and i felt like I was a VIP or something.)

Luckily for us, the meet and greet hadnt yet started. I went to sit on the stairs a couple meters away from the meet and greet spot but the stage to rest my tired legs.(OUCH!) After a while i turned around and realized Steve had just walked in. It kind of caught me off guard. I looked at him for 2 seconds and then went : Oh man! and realized he was there. Then he smiled at me as if it sorta made him laugh. I was one of the first to meet talk to him. I asked him about his musical schooling and told him about my recent audition to study the Jazz Guitar in Cegep St-Laurent. He told me he took classes with Joe Satriani when he was younger and learnt alot from his really strict 3rd grade music teacher.(he said he has alot of respect for him)He also added he studied at Berklee and suggested it. He then asked me where I was going to study guitar. After that, my mom asked him if his mother ecouraged his music when he was yound. He said that his mom encouraged his music alot . Then my mom asked him if he had good grades in school. He answered that he was good at math but bad at english. I told him i was opposite of him, good at english but bad at math. Finally I asked him to sign my Cd and poster, took a quick picture with him, shook hands and said bye. He was so humble and showed he was having a good time even though he was probably very tired.

Then i went outside and walked around the bus a bit and met Thomas Nordegg (steves guitar tech). I told him that the show was excellent and that i love what he does. We had a little talk about Montreal and the next city they were going to. Then I took a picture with him and said bye.

Last night was one of the best concerts ive seen in my life if not the best!

Eric Sardinas was so cool in taking time and helping us with our Aftershow pass problems. If you ever read this Eric and Mikey, Id like to thank you guys so much for the all extra effort and help you gave us. Thank you and I hope to see you soon !


(A very happy guy :D )

P.S. see next post for some of the pictures i took

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Hey, really cool, its awesome that you could go to meet him even if you were missing on the list.

I wish i could have gone to this show but unfortunately im pretty low on cash right now, but i saw him 3 times (2 x G3 + alone at the Spectrum) already but wouldnt have mind seeing him another time.

How long did the show lasted, the one i saw at the spectrum back then lasted well over 2:30 hour and there was a 5 min. standing ovation after the first 2-3 songs, lol.

This guy is truly amazing and one of the best in my book.

p.s. nice pics..


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I saw the show last night in Lincoln, NE! Sardinas blew the damn doors off the place and Vai and the Breed came in and burned up the survivors. Best damn club show I've ever seen--the place was packed with every guitar geek in Nebraska. Awesome.

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No unfortunately i didnt meet Tony.

Only steve came for the meet and greet.

But i was lucky enough to meet jeremy and thomas outside by the bus.

The person I wated to most meet besides steve was Billy but i didnt after all.

It was sooo great and im so thankful for vai.com for having this contest!!!

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