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Drilling Holes Into A Finished Body

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hey everyone,

I recently bought a sweet lookin' tele body on ebay and I need to make the screw holes for the bridge and control plate, what would be the best way of doing this without the risk of damaging the finish or anything?

what type of drill bit do I use?

thanks a lot!

It's basicaly just like this one, from the same guy and everything.


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i would personally put masking tape over the area that im about to drill into than i would get a very sharp bit and use a very high speed setting on my drill press

That's about the best you can do...clamp it down so your guitar doesn't start moving around while your drilling...other than that, measure twice, cut once.

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Actually, whenever I'm putting a new hole through paint I start with a smaller hole. Then I use a countersink bit to open and taper the paint past the diameter of the "real" hole. Then the real hole goes straight into wood, and can't lift the paint. I ALWAYS countersink my holes, especially in paint. You don't want the screw threads to lift the paint away when they're going in. It happens all the time with strap button holes. I always countersink those.

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I like to use forstner bits whenever possible, you can get them down to 1/2" diameter.  They will cut a circle through the finish before they start shaving the bottom of the hole.

Still use the masking tape.

I have a 1/4" forstner, and as far as I know it's a pretty standard size. Frank's idea sounds like the best to me, though. I'd never thought of countersinking before the hole was to size before.

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