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Routing Humbucker Holes For Single Coils?

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i have this knock off strat i got about 8 yeas ago. it was my first guitar and i never play it anymore cause it really doesent compair to my prs or gibson hollow body but about a month ago i pulled it out and set it up nice and was just banging around on it and i relized it might not be that bad of a guitar if i replaced the neck, tunners, pickups etc. so i did and its pretty fun just to play when im watching tv or whatever but im thinking about routing out the area underneith the pick gaurd more to give me a diffrent sound i know srv did it on lenny i belive so i was just wonding what it would do for my sound?

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It'll only make a difference unamplified. The extra space may end up being a bit more acoustically resonant. Not likely enough to make it worth your trouble. :D

Either way, the pickups are just suspended by screws and springs off the pickguard itself. Removing a bit of wood won't change that fact, and the amplified tone will be identical. You may find a dissenting opinion, but frankly I think it falls into the same realm of voodoo as half the other wacky 'tone recipes' that people concoct.


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