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ok guys here's is my next installment of ignorance! i am looking at purchaseing a tube screamer effects preamp. the only problem is i dont know which one to purchase. i like the tone andy timmons gets but have found nothing on the type of tube screamer he is useing. also once i do get this effects unit im not sure about levels and settings on the amp i.e. should i continue to use the 10db boost with the gain maxed out or should i cut the gain back or should i turn the boost off and just turn the gain to 11 lmao! (spinal tap reference)

i am useing a marshall vs8100 out the effects loop into a digitech rp3>left rp3 chanel out into harmony 535 35watt all tube.> right rp3 chanel out back to effects return on marshall vs8100.

harmony 535 into 4x 12 cab.> marshall 8100 into 4x12 cab.

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It's probably a TS-9 or a TS808. They are very similar to eachother electronically. I built the TS808 and I like it a lot.

The other half of the equation here is the amp(s) he uses. Just getting the same TS that he uses may not get you the same tone...

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