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Guitar Bridge Tutorial

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I thought that it is a cool idea to make your own bridge instead of use one bought from a store.

You have the fredom to invent your own system.

I think I just invented a bridge system on paper :D but I am not too good at using tools (ans I don't even have any)

Has anyone built a guitar bridge of his own?

Any DIY tutorials available?

What tools to use, how to make this or that, etc.


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The solution - string-through with a wooden floating bridge.

Real cool idea: what about glueing a wooden "extension" for the body so there will be a "blob" with holes through it and it would act like a normal TOM tailpiece. Would look real cool. then add another blob for the bridge and put some fret wire on top of it. Or it could be one big blob.

"Licensed by Rayden Instruments" :D THE BLOB-O-MATIC ("BOM")

Edit: The Blob-O-Matic Bridge (B.O.M.B.) :D



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