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Switching Necks

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I have a body of a fender telecaster and for a project i want to bolt an ibanez wizard neck onto it... although they are the same scale (25.5) the standard frets for a telecaster are 22 i believe and the neck i want to put on it is 24. I was just if anyone knew if it would be way out of intonation if i simply bolted on the wizard neck to the body because of the extra frets on the bottom... If neone can help me then thanks man....

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So what kind of measurements do I have to do? I put a 24-fret Ibanez neck to an Yamaha body (that had a 22-fret neck) and the intonation isn't right anymore. How do I fix this?

Measure from the nut to the high E in proper intonated positon (that would be the high E saddle approximately 3/4 of the way foreward)

If its a 25.5" scale , those two points should be that distance apart.

Alternatively you can measure from the nut to the 12th fret, that should be the same distance as it is from the 12th to the bridge.

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Depends on how old the Wizard neck is. The older ones are 22 fret necks with a 24 fret fingerboard. They bolt right where most 22 fret necks go, and you can either move the neck pickup back toward the bridge, or you could just cut the last two frets (and the extended fretboard) off. At some point, I believe Ibanez changed to a 24 fret neck (like a Kramer 24 fret neck). On these, the heel would be longer, so some router surgery would be required for proper intonation.

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When Ibanez switched to the AANJ (All Access Neck Joint) they had to change the neck heel to make up for the mounting surface lost in the process.

If you have the AANJ-type neck (fretboard is flush with the end of the neck heel), you'll have to move (or remove) the neck pickup and rout the neck pocket further into the body. If you have the old-style neck (the fretboard overhangs the end of the neck heel), you'll still have to move/remove the neck pickup, but the neck pocket should be ok.

But just to be sure, "measure twice, cut once." I've been wrong before.

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