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new chrome idea

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my two brain cells just bumped into each other and had an idea!!!

for a chrome finish could you just stick aluminium foil to the body and varnish over it???

please tell me am i a genius or am i two sandwiches short of a picnic???? :DB):D:D

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the first issue you need to address is sticking the aluminum foil to the body and not having any flaws show in it, the foil will show the lay of the glue like you can't imagine, and then as scott said, getting the clear to stick will be hard. it would likely stick fine if you roughed up the surface, but then it defeats the whole idea :D

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I'd say try it on scrap first, you'll end up with some sort of finish. I think it may come up slightly short of chrome though. Like Jeremy said unless it is perfect your clear will show every flaw, plus the clear needs something to adhear to.

I've tried everything from using gold leaf to most of the older commercial sprays with limited sucess. There is a new system and out on the market for doing it that is a waterbourne based paint. the best methos would probably be an electrostatic coat of chrome paint but even that would scratch off or have problems.

who knows though sometimes the simplest of ideas turn results everyone mock's in the beginning, like I said try it on a scrap piece of wood and let us know what you find.

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i've just found two things:

one, if you crumple the foil into a ball it IMHO looks really cool. the good point is that flaws from the gluing process don't matter and the clear coat with adhere.

the second point is a little less good. you can make a very cheap copy of the fender aloha aluminium strat by putting tons of glue under the foil and scribing with a blunt pencil or old biro.

just some ideas, what do you think?? :D

also, on http://www.mr-office.com you can buy rolls of metallic paper.

would this be thicker than tin foil therefore reducing flaws?? B)

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Well I know you can get the Krylon Spray to come up looking exactly like chrome as long as you take the time to prep the primer coat and make it perfect.

The real problem with it is clearing or protecting it, the paper or foil idea with a texture will work then again the protection factor could be a problem cause one scratch could lift or tear a long line in it.

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