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Tele Wiring Diagram And Switches


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I just bought a vintage tele wiring kit such as the one shown here http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/Tele-Kit-Vintage-P80C27.aspx the digram i received with it, which can be seen here http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/webpage.aspx?webpage_id=8 under 52 tele wiring diagram,My question is that the switch seems different in the diagram than the one i have the first terminal from the bottom is on the right side while the switch i have is on the left do i still wire it the same way as in the diagram or is there some other way i should be doing it, thanks alot hope my question makes sense.

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I'm pretty sure that your layout will work. I'm not totally sure about this, as I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it, but I don't think wiring it as a mirror image would work.

Looking at the switch in the photograph of the wiring kit (which I assume is the same one you have), the common connector is on the top right, if looking from the bottom, just like any other switch. So if you were to wire it as a mirror image, the wire from the volume pot would no longer be connected to the common connecter, but rather to one for the first switch position. Your layout diagram is correct because it keeps the volume pot wire connected to the first common, but moves the layout to allow the ground connection (through the .1uF capacitor) to be connected to the other common. It also moves the wire from the neck pickup down one position on the left to accomodate the different layout.

So in short, I think that your layout will work as drawn in your diagram.


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