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Fs:comicbook-dimarzio's-aanj Kits

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Ok guys, Need to move these as quick as possible.

Comicbooked rg520 Mahogany body, Needs clear and back and sides sorted, £100 (shipping to be arranged) Ask for Pics, Brian will tell me off as they are a bit rude

Will clear and finish for £150

Dimarzio X2N In Creme £30 (shipping about £3)

Dimarzio Paf In Creme £30 (as above) Both from around 79/80 and sound bloody great !!!

2 X AANJ kits, Screws and Washers - £30 each (shipping around £3)

Ask any and all questions, However silly you may feel they are, Serious buyers only, None of the flaky drop outs i've been getting

Regards, and thanks for your time


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Ok, Had a few more bits - £150 the lot, plus £15 shipping in the UK which is the complete lot listed below !!! Bargain !!!

So updated list is -

1 Comicbook RG520 Body - £75 (shpping at £7.50)

2 2 X AANJ kits, Screws and Washers - £30 each (shipping around £3)

3 Ibanez Flouro Orange Knobs and Switch tip £10 (shipping around £3)

4 1 Set of Chrome JS Strap Buttons £8 (shipping around £3)

5 1 Set of Worn Cosmo Strap Buttons £5 (shipping around £3)

6 1 DiMarzio Clip-lock in Blue - New out of packet - No Hardware £10 (shipping around £3)

7 1 Set of Locking Trem Posts £25 (shipping around £3)

8 2 x Sets of rg6 Backplates £15 (shipping around £3)

All this needs to go, For my J-Custom fund as i am guitarless


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