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Wet Sander Bought Convert To Usa From Eu


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It says it comes with a converter. I sure hope it does. 50 cycle machines will not run on 60 cycle juice unless my memories of Physics 101 are wrong. I'm assuming that this is some sort of adapter that acts like a wall wart.

Bosch hasn't made green tools since forever!!! I'm pretty sure, may be wrong here, that they've been blue for maybe 20 or 25 years.

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I don't see anything about that tool that suggests it can be used wet. I'd ask Bosch before I tried out for the Darwin awards.  :D


Bosch still make the green series in Europe, over here Blue is reserved for the Pro series. If it has an electronic speed controller 50hz or 60hz won't make much difference. I use U.S voltage tools over here using a step down voltage transformer but still 50hz and they have performed admirably over many years of hard work.

BTW. Derek I have the same sander and whilst it's a good machine, nowhere in the spec have I seen it can be used for wet sanding - I haven't looked that hard but it's definately not watertight.

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It says right on the sander that it can be used for wetsanding.

The plug on this thing has the two round pins on it. maybe I should post apic...

what is the difference between an adapter and a transformer? I know the basics, but which will run the machine better? what type of transformer do I need to get this up to par with this sander? the sander says it uses. .65 amps or somthing like that?


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Derek, and adapter is just that, a plug that goes into the plug from the sander and then changes the configuration to the US sockets. A transformer, actulay converts the power from 110- to 220. or viceversa. I will contact Bosh if I was you, most equipment like that don't like the 10hz difference and it will make an horrible buzzing noice (and sometimes it will overheat). I had that problem with my DA sander in Germany and I used both a converter and in a house with the wiring set to US voltage.

I really don't use a sander for wet sanding, since if you ain't too carefull you could ruin the job, i always do it manual.

Thats a nice sander by the way, I hope it works fine.

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Here I go! I think that they will do, but I don't know about the reliability of them. THe ones that are UL approved to be used on military housing overseas are vveeerryy expensive!!! I got a 1000 watt that was running at $250 and are rated for continous duty, and this dude weights about 25 lbs. And is a brick! Those look like one of those 12Vdc power supplies for in house CB radios!

For the price, go for it, if you need to throw it away, not much money wasted, and if it works, the finding of the year!

Good Luck.

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just got my 3000 watt converter.... holy cow. This sander is really nice

shaves time off of wetsanding. Of course you have to make sure that the guitar is dry, and there is more water flowing around then I would like but it leaves a really smooth surface and gets rid of most of those pots and everything that you miss.

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