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Do These Suck?


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I really want to put zebra pickups in a guitar i just refinished for a friend but im on a tight budget. I just found these and they're amazingly cheap. Are these gonna sound really crappy if I buy them? If they sound decent then these are way to good to pass up.


8.3 im assuming is the impedance. Which is a little low for a humbucker. So you get what you pay for.

Edit: Sorry I sidestepped your question, The humbucker will be a lower output and tinny sounding. Still it wont be that bad if you are on a budget.

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i would not buy them...they will clog up your septic when you try to flush them.

I think you might be getting a little humg up on brand names. I had a univox humbucker that measured out at 10K and put a few duncans I've had to shame.

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Hey, I make and sell humbuckers and other pickups as a side, little fun job! I have some zebra bobbins, check out my webpage, www.manliusguitar.com . There are prices listed, but maybe we can work out a deal or something if you are on a limited budget. Some money off for sound samples maybe (i just don't play as well as I'd like!). If your interested, email me. We can calibrate them perfect to your taste, and I can ship them in a couple of days.

Not trying to promote my side job, just trying to give you something better than what your interested in!

If you are interested, email me.



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