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i want to refinish my LP

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i own a epiphone LP which i want to strip down and paint a custom design. I have read most of the tutorials but watn som last minute encoureagement. stripping should i use chemical or sandpaper? Should i becareful on the neck? Do you use primer before you paint? the binding between the fret board and neck do i just stayaway with stripper and paint?

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I am currently in the process of refinishing an SG. I used sandpaper to strip the paint because I was too cheap to buy the chemicals. Be careful though, its easy to sand into the wood and create valleys. Yes, be careful on the neck. For this part, I put the power sander away and sanded by hand. It took a long time, but its easier to follow the contours of the neck. Yes, use primer before you paint, it gives the paint an even surface to cling to.

Hope this helps :D

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Hi chugginhardcore and welcome to the forum :D

I think I would stay away from chemically stripping an LP for two reasons, First the binding would possibly get messed up from the chemical agent and secondly since it is a set neck it is also possible for the stripper to weaken the bonding agent that was used to set the neck.

I'd go with the hand and power sanding method myself and just take your time.

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