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Fender Pick-ups

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I look at Fender Stratocaster dealers online and in my town and I notice hundreds of different years and models of pickups. I am refinishing a Agave Blue Strat replica and I need some pick-ups. I want original strat pickups. I have no lcue where ot start, and which ones bring what sounds. This is one of my first guitars and it is my first experience with electronics in a guitar. I see Delta Tone, Vintage, Custom Shop, Texas Choice....holy crap there are hundreds of different kinds..where do I start? Is there a website with them that could help explain the different ones and their tones and stuff? Or can one of you just help me out...Thanks. I don't know if my type of music played on it matters but if it does let me know.

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There are so many "original" Strat pickups out there it's hard to choose which ones are really "original". The Fender Tex-Mex pickups were my favorite Fender-made pickups, but they don't make 'em anymore. It really does depend on what kind of music you want to play and whether you want a more vintage or a more modern sound.

I use an EMG-SA set in my Strat now, but if I were going to go for the old school hot Strat sound I'd use some Rio Grande Tallboys or Muy Grandes. They sound really good and I personally find their quality to be a little better than Fender. I use my Strat with a processor and straight to the board now, so that's why I use the EMGs.

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