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Neck Joint Laquer Crack

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I see these neck joint finish cracks all the time on Les Paul's and Les Paul copies. It is a very common issue with LP type guitars but I don't see it too often on double cutaways. If it is indeed just a finish crack there should be no problem IMO.

FWIW I have seen this on bolt on necks not set necks. On another note the price is above what that guitar is probably worth in the condition it's in. I'd let it go and wait for a better one to come along if I was going to spend that kind of cash on an axe.

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Laquer cracks where there is movement or an unfinished edge where it's being exposed to the open air.

I don't know if it'd be a problem or not, but understanding why it happens is a clue to what's going on inside that guitar. It may be something as simple as they didn't wait for the glue to completely cure before finishing it. The moisture from the glue would cause the laquer to crack.

However, most major houses use component poly I think, not sure. If it's poly, it may be a different story completely, and most like a stress fracture. Stress fractures are most definately from movement within the neck joint. A bad sign indeed.

Hope this helps.

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I'd be a lot less worried about it if he'd actually put a picture of the crack in the auction, sometimes that kind of things comes back to bite you.

Also, like bluespresence said, it's really not in very good shape. If that's an 8/10 cosmetically, his personal system must have 0/10 as no paint left at all and saw cuts and drill holes all over the body :D.

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Lacquer stress cracks or very common on gibson V's also it has nothing at all to do with being stable and unstable it just happens, nothing to worry about tho, part of it is the lacquer, I have an 83 Flying V the joint is strong as can be and isnt moving


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