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Need Help With F Spaced 7 String Pickups

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OK so im curently planning my first custom guitar and its going to be something like this...

7 string

mahogany body

24 fret warmoth neck

dual humbuckers yadayadayada

anyways Its going to have a 7 string floyd rose and im having a hard time understanding Fspaced pickups... I want to use this for the bridge


but i heard that since im gonna have a floyd rose that means that the pickup has to be f spaced.... Now the trem that im gonna use is this one right here


Now basically what i want to kno is can i use the pickup that i posted with this bridge or do i need another pup.. if i need a different one then what are some good ones that give a good prog rock metal sound...

also anything else that you would recomend to a first timer would be appreciated :D

Thanks a bunch


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someone will correct me if i'm wrong, but dimarzio doesn't do 'f-spaced' 7 string humbuckers, only 6 string ones. To be honest, you'll be fine with that pickup and a 7string floyd. You might want to try the Blaze custom for a prog rock sound (think 7 string petrucci).


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F-spaced pickups have more space between each pole piece to accomodate for wider string spreads.

Although not the 7-string expert, like Sambo, I have not seen any seven string f-spaced pickups. Since you are using a standard 7-string bridge, I would imagine the string spacing to be pretty similar to other 7-string bridges (ie Ibanez bridges).

Even then, the pole pieces do not need to be perfectly aligned with the strings anyway, as the pickups magnetic field is not limited to the space directly above the pole.

I would say those pickups are a go!

Now, whether or not they are good for prog rock, I dont know, as I do not play seven strings.

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