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Need Help With Neck Gluing ...

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I am bulding my fiest guitar it is mockingbird neck through 24 3/4 scale with tune o matic bridge .


I allready cut everything and now i am going to glue the neck to the wings but i dont know where to glue it .


because i dont know these parameters ( A & B )

and the the angel i should glue it because i will use tun o matic bridge .

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Your TOM bridge will need about a 3 deg. neck angle if you set things up with the fretboard (1/4" thick) just resting on the plane of the body. Have you measured out your scale length on the neck and figured where the bridge, nut and fretboard will be placed? Its really important to get this stage of the job figured out right before proceeding. You also need to figure where to begin the neck angle, usually where the fretboard begins, so its important to assess the bridge position on the body. I always get those issues resolved before gluing wings on the neckthru (btw, your diagram seems to show me a bolt on or set neck style of guitar, its confusing).

Draw your side profile out in full scale and figure out how high the fretboard will be off the body. The higher the fretboard, the less neck angle you will need. But you don't want to wind up with the strings too far off the body of the guitar. Figure out the middle height range of your bridge and use these parameters (fretboard height and thickness, fret height, string height, middle bridge height and nut height) to assess the neck angle needed and where to begin the neck angle. Your goal is to make sure the plane of the fretboard is parallel to the strings, so nut height and middle bridge height is the baseline.

To make a neck angle you need a thicker than usual neck block. A lot of wood ends up being removed by the time you reach the headstock and you want some left over for carving the back of the neck. If the thickness of the neck block is the same as the body you can't just angle the whole neck block and glue to the wings to get your neck angle. You will end up with serious voids in two places on the body. So you have to mark out the sides of the neck block and remove a "wedge" from the block starting at the beginning of the fretboard and ending at the nut.

Damn confusing, eh? Cutting the wedge out of the block can be difficult, depends on what you have to work with. A bandsaw with a fence angled the same as your neck angle is the best bet. I've also done it with a bigass belt sander provided the pencil lines drawn on either side of the neck are exact. I've also cut a neck angle with a Skilsaw and then block sanded the face (where the fretboard will be glued) flat and even.

Here is a side profile of my first build so you can get an idea of what I am trying to explain.


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Ok .. i understend what you say and i have already considered that since this is my first experience with building a guitar i left plenty of wood spares when i cut the parts so it is easier to work .

But still i dont understand how high should the strings be above the fingerborad

and whether i should to lift the fingerboard above the body . ???

As you know this will effect the angel .

I circled in this zoomed picture of the neck to wing joint .


Thank you for your help .


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hey, i dont have any pointers for you, but im also making a mockingbird, bass tho and not neck thru...its a little different then the mockingbird but i had to have my little bit of originality, cant wait to see what both of ours will look like done

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