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Tremolno, Where Has It Gone?

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Hi all.havnt been around in about a year as im trying to finish college and had to forget about guitar for a while. i want to get back to playing. i have an ibanez with a floyd style floating trem. i remember here a year or so ago some guy invented the "Tremolno", that could block a floating trem without any mods to the guitar. i really want to get one of theese, as if i dont il have to sell my ibanez for a fixed bridge guitar. is it still around, can it be purchaced , if so where, and how much is it? it seemed like a great invention and it cant have just dissappeared..

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Last I heard the inventor (Kevan, who's also a mod here) was making a special demo body that showed how it worked for a show. I think it's still alive.

I found the link to the Tremel-no thread here.

You could try to PM him if he doesn't see this but I bet he will in time.


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You're right. I probably will catch it here. :-)

The Tremol-No is still on track. We *hope* (knock on a nice chunk of mahogany) to start production sometime this month. Available in stores and online soon after.

The thread that VanKirk posted is where you will find ALL the latest updates. Also, keep checking the Tremol-No.com site. Soon enough, there will be a "Click Here To Buy" link right on the front page.

It's coming. VERY soon.

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