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Painting Fretboard?

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is it a good idea to paint a fret board black without clear coat? i know it will chip occasionally. my acoustic guitars fretboard is painted also, thats where i got the idea from

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yeah i was just wondering becasue my fretboard is made from walnut, and its a lighter color, which i never had any other wood for a fret so i used that, but i was to make it darker some how, any tips?

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Guest gsrguitars

I'd say...

Maple necks, paint your heart out. They're clear coated anyway and assuming you clear coat afterwards, good to go.

Rosewood or any "unfinished" neck - forget it. Even if you did paint it - it would wear. And if you attempted clear coat - it'd end up cracking as rosewood is porous.



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I would like to paint my bass neck (I finished defretting it yesterday) and I was wondering how to protect the inlays. Should I put small round stikers or must I remove them?? (I hope not)

Thank you!

Your inlays will be okay for standard refretting.If you are going to paint the neck then yes covering them will save you a lot of aggravation later on.Just be carefull with the paint around the stickers.Some adhesives break down at the first sign of any moisture.Last thing you want is to get all the way through your paint job and find out that some of the stickers have shifted.

If you're airbrushing one thing you can do for paint is getting tinting white and black + the 3 basic colours in pigment form plus a bonding additive.

Createx makes pigments that are rock solid when applied.They're super concentrated so you only need a few dropsJust be sure to get the Extender and add a few drops of that as well,(Createx has a bad habit of going muudy brown or grey if you don't add that when mixing colours.)

After painting give it a top coat of straight bonding agent,this will make your life easier for clear work.

Also,(should you go this route),give it at least 24 hours to dry.The paint will be dry in a few hours,but with pigments and bonders it needs extra time to fully set-up and cure.

It's water based acrylic,so with bonding and proper cure time it will accept most clears without problems.

Just be sure to lay down a few spit coats to finish sealing it and to set-up for clear.

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