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Finishing Disaster

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I went to look at my guitar today to find that a news paper had been placed on top of it, the laquer was still curing. I went and lifted off the paper to find that it pulled some of my finish of leaving this. :D


Now i have to do the whole thing again, and whats really odd is i could just pull the finish of, it came off easyily.

Any tips on how i can get better adheasion of the laquer?

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You could use 400 or even 600, this are the grits that I use for the final sanding on primer. And on my 7 I sanded to 320 before the stain.

I had the same problem with my blue Ash guitar. the problem was that the base was not compatible with the clear coat, I know that somebody else had the same problem here.

I used metalcast blue as the tones color, and then used Olympic oil based as the clear.

Here is a link to the thread.

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