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Lighting A Chevy Ssr On Fire

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Here's some pics for you on the current project in the shop, a 2004 Chevy SSR. Yes, I know it's not a guitar, but the same principles apply!

1. First step was to sand the entire truck with 800 grit, this was actually done by the body shop that will be clearing it (due to lack of a full size booth at my shop)


2. Then using Moly Orange, lay out a loose pattern for your fire.




3. After your pattern is done, spray over it with a Kandy red, I like to use a Kandy wine red, it looks darker and deeper (more evil) Don't worry about the kandy overspray if you're spraying on black, you won't see it once the clear is sprayed.


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4. Now take a curved stencil (I made a few out of photo paper and solvent proof airbrush stencil material) and start to crisp up your pattern, start doing some filling in and start to build the fire pattern.




5. Then I goofed and didn't take a picture, but after you lay out your first stencil set, spray the entire thing with a Kandy Tangerine same as you did with the Kandy red.

6. Next, using chrome yellow, start to brighten up the outter edges of the fire as well as the base of the fire.



7. Next take the same Kandy tangerine you used in step 5, and spray all the yellow back.




That's all for now, after 16 hours of spraying today, I'm beat, will finish up tomorrow.


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Does that need to have clear put on it like a guitar would? Will it 'come alive' in the same way?

If so... I cant even fathom how much ass that will kick when it does :D


- Dan

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Go to www.killerpaint.com and you can see some INSANE flame jobs! He is the one who came up with the "True Fire" technique supposidly. Or at least he brought it to the publics eye first. His stuff has been on Rides, Overhaulin, and Monster Garage. There are some samples of his flames on a helicopter, boat, and H2, along with others. And a cool looking Blue flame!

Nice to have a tutorial of what he probably does on his $79 DVD that instructs on this.

Hey LGM, do you have this DVD? Judging by other work I have seen from you, I would guess no, that you are just that damn good to have seen his work and be able to do it yourself without instruction!

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what does that costs?  I am think a trade for varitones for paint my 4runner?  jk.

what do you charge for something like that?


More than a Mexican Strat, less than an original 59 les paul :D

In the end, after he gets the clear and everything done, he'll have spent about $10,000 Canadian on the paint. The clear is being done at the same body shop who did the prep work on it.

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Holy crap, that is looking awesome! I am not usually a fan of flames painted on anything, but that looks really good

Exactly my thoughts!

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