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Too Many Ideas

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Nothing you all haven't experienced before:

So I'm still very very very slowly working on my first project. Actually "not working" which is why it's taking so long. Doesn't mean that I don't think about guitars and plan them, though. While there's an infinite list of guitars I could build for the rest of my life, here's my current list of ones that I actually WILL (or intend to for real) built within the next hopefully 5 years:

- Les Paul style (flat top, though) for my dad

- Steinberger L-type for myself

- EBMM Axis for myself

- Godin Flat Five for myself

- PRS or LP for my best buddy

- Acoustic from a kit (dunno if I'll have the time or energy for from-scratch though it's firing up my imagination lately)

- Thumb-ish bass

Some of them I may get premade necks for. It sort of feels like 'cheating', but I sort of want to get these guitars made in my lifetime. :D

What do your "actual" lists look like? (ie. not just fantasy, but ones that you at least truly intend to build)

[edit: apologies for the weird double-post, some sort of weird server 'barf' happened. Mods kindly delete the duplicate?]


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What do your "actual" lists look like?  (ie. not just fantasy, but ones that you at least truly intend to build)


* Thinline Tele meets ESP X-Tone -type guitar (see my avatar) as a gift for my friend's 30th birthday (next september and I have just started making templates, but still haven't got a clue where to buy the woods :D)

* Short scale bass with same body design for myself

* Some travel guitar (with built-in amp) for myself

* PRS/Carvin/Ruokangas Duke -type carved top electric

* New neck for my first built strat

* AX84 or similar tube amp

Loads of other projects on my mind (ES-335, acoustic(bass), JEM...), but the ones listed are probably the first to become true.

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Neck Thru Strat (Mahog, Flm/maple, mahog, flm/maple, mahog neck) With mahhogany mody wings capped with 3A Flame maple - For me

The G2 model (custom design) - for me

Jem Copy - for a mate

Maby a Double Fat Tele if i have enough money for the wood - again for me

Thats for the summer anyway.

Guitars i will build befor i die

Les Paul

Rhodes V


More of my own designs

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Oh God man I have like 200 on the go in difernt stages I cant list them all But a few I guess I will start with My new stuff And work my way back!

1. purple heart and OAK Kery King style flying-v

2.Oak Jackson Dinky style---Or maybe something like this


3.The Sentinel


4.My bud's Demon slayer




6.A Dean style flting-V

7.A Dimebag tribute guitar

8.a rough Catylst copy---If I dont sell it first B)


9.Cayles B.C Rich copy


10. The Razzor http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v488/ZAD...Dec29411new.jpg

11.and another IMPALER http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v488/ZAD...ER/Jan10438.jpg

12.A midevil style AXE guitar

13. and A SH*T load more of my designs on Paper

And the list goes on and on----I love It :D


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1) Finish my 8 string - (almost completed!!)

2) 7 String Explorer (neck is already scarf jointed and I have all the parts)

3) 6 string fretless bass

4) 7 string floyd equipped neck thru, quilted top (deep blue) super-telecaster. Something like the Carvin Holdsworth model.

5) 7 string out of the scraps i have.

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Lists hey!......Discovered I can dream up guitars faster then I can build 'm.

1. Finish JS-7. - Taking way too long to finish. Waiting for parts from Ibanez Japan.

2. RG-7 QL RBB XL. - In works. Neck blank laminated.

3. Ultimate LP - Body done.

4. Roberta copy. - On drawing board. Figuring out electronics.


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What do your "actual" lists look like?  (ie. not just fantasy, but ones that you at least truly intend to build)

- 24 fret neckthrough w/mahogany body, vine inlay, piezo trem (possibly floyd), wood inlay of beautiful girl on body, gold hardware, unsure whether single or double cut

- A "black" guitar to match the first, with evil girl painting on body :D

- A "deluxe" Strat... Basically a stratocaster replica with the best options available... Especially I am going for a beautiful birdseye maple neck, three-tone sunburst...

- A "Superstrat" soloist type, perhaps active EMGs or Evolutions, black, white binding, pointy headstock, thin neck, black (not cosmo black) hardware, ebony fretboard, floyd. May be turned into the second project ("black guitar"). 80s all the way with a modern twitch to it.

- A Steve Vai Euphoria-style acoustic (beautiful!)

- A bass... Not sure how it is gonna be.

Will take me at least ten years I guess! Think I am gonna start this summer.

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Oh yes! I like this one...

First: Greg, I don't notice any original designs in your list...I suggest you start thinking about building YOUR personal dream guitar as well.

Second: About the neck thing...I've been wrestling with this one. But I've come to the conclusion that building my own just won't happen for me. I'm just not precise enough, not careful (and patient) enough, not enough of a perfectionist, and too much of an artist. You can't 'improvise' when building a neck....So I've decided there's no shame in seeking out already built necks --especially if they're good quality necks. My only regret is that this will make it difficult to make a set neck guitar. ...unless I can find someone to make the fretboard for me?

Okay, as for my list: now that the Convertible is almost ready to be painted, I'm getting to work on the next two:

1. A Lyre/longhorn guitar, inspired by Danelectro...I love those guitars! But mine is going to have a normal scale neck, and I already have a Danelectro neck coming in from the States...I don't need 32 frets...dunno about the electronics yet, but it'll probably be a single pup guitar

2. A cross between a Les Paul Junior and an Epiphone Crestwood, with a single P90...I really want that one to be a cherry red mahogany guitar...

After that, I'll probably take apart the Convertible and use the neck on that to make a Vox Mark IV with Strat electronics.

And then...well, I still have a tele that I want to transform into a thinline...

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wow there are some looooonng lists on here :D especially you Matt

ok I've got:

1. finnish my flying-V : celtic designs on the body, kidan simmilar styed body to a gibson flying-V but not at all.

2. finnish my Les Paul : gibson silverburst type finish with the beefyesy pickups I can find, fine tuner tail stop, and onboard distortion unit.

3. 12 string les paul : trapeis (sp?) tail piece with some sort of very fancy pattern on the body (something like a medevil fabric design), two P90's in the bridge with series/parrallel/single switching and one humbucker in the bridge, rickenbacker type 12 string headstock.

4. a really over the top explorer design that's just a mosterous shredding machine

5. maybe a firebird type guitar.

other than that I just want to upgrade what I've got so they sound as good as I can make them sound. :D which is hard being as I'm always to busy doing other things.

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In no particular order:

-Another Les Paul with fancier woods, contoured heel.

-Original design DC guitar

-Original design DC bass

-plain jane solid mahogany Les Paul w. p90s.

-flame topped tele

-setneck carvedtop superstrat.

-ziricote fingerstyle accoustic

-cherry f-style mandolin

Hell, there's no limit.

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1. 59 Flying V White Korina like the gibson historics but neck thru with an ebony fretboard

2. finish my purple heart 59 flying v

3. solid maple 59 flying v finished in solid black with ebody fretboard

4 another puple heart 59 flying V minus the black walnut strip in the one im working on

( yes i like 59 flying V's)

5. finish my soloist

6. 5 string bass based on my current one

and a couple other based on custom designs im working on


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I need to finish my washburn strat repairs/refinish and then i think I'll get more ambitious for my first actual guitar. I'll probably buy necks because I don't have the tools,experience,patience etc. to build my own. Plus in my opinion i can deal with basically any neck. I would like to create some bodies and electonic stuff so...

1. B.C. Rich Bich style guitar

2.Crazy original design I'll post later

3.Jackson Kelly style guitar

And then hopefully ill have some more cool designs to make :D

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idch: My current project is my own design. :D It's inspired by a cross between a DC Les Paul (the size) and a Gibson Lucille. It doesn't "look" groundbreaking, but it's an actual original design. The ratio of the horns to the bouts, etc., was custom create by myself.

I agree with you to a certain extent, but on the other hand I'm not that interested in re-inventing the wheel in terms of shape. I'm sure each of mine will have very slight and subtle variations on the original, but I'm not as inspired to create new body shapes as some of the folks around here. Totally original designs are cool and all, but for the most part I just want to make my own versions of guitars I already lust after. <laff>

Great lists so far. I think it's really cool to see these, because it can give somewhat of an insight into a person's personality or at least taste in guitars. :D


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wow, ok here's mne,

Wards Airline copy in black

2 PRS copies for my brothers

A semi-hollow Gretsch Duojet copy w/ flame maple dyed green and bigsby

There are more floating around but Im still banging away on my tele copy so I dont want to get too ahead of myself.

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my jem project (its getting there, slow but surely)

my 7 string "secret" project


flying v

BC. Rich Bich

BC. Rich Beast

acoustic (without piezo)

acoustic bass (with piezo system)


RR V 7 string


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I'm pretty flexible but I figure the next one will be another original design (mahogany back w/ a burl maple top), no. 2 was an SG and no. 3 is being a tele. But I'd also like to get into building some nice acoustic guitars. I've been building everything from scratch so far, I love making necks (just keep sanding until it feels good :D ) and so long as a have a supply of rough stock I'll never buy a premade neck.

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some advice from model making, dont start the building phase of a new project if you are stuck with one

if you leave something, left it entirely for good reasons like waiting to some new tool or something or you will be soon with a ton of half made projects

if you are inthe ending phase, painting and that i think is fine to begin another one

other method is do a lot of similar projects at a time

like that man that was doing telecasters like crazy, then you do all same phases at same time, cut all ones one after another, router one after another blablabla

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im kinda new to this but right now right now its.

finish this lp copy

fix or redo this V i bought for 50 bucks at a pawn shop. (maybe ill remake it into neck thru body and mount the pickups right to the neck)

try and find more info on this really old no name bass and maybe fix it. (im looking for some one who does good wood work in the sf bay area)

refinish and reneck this 60 something coral hornet (it has 3 lip stick pickups that are a pain to find i started about 5 years ago on it)

put new pickups in my $170 ibanez start ( i love this thing it looks like **** but plays like butter)

fix my crown classical acoustic and refinsih it.

and more a mostlikly to come.

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I am in a big acoustic phase right now. I am fascinated with soundboards :D and how thickness and bracing is such a balancing act and tone of each piece of wood is so different ( It makes me feel like I am always learning and discovering) B) . So I guess at this point my want to build projects would be an acoustic (jumbo) that has a voice that I really am satisfied :D with, and a oversized acoustic bass that has a big loud full sound. I love electrics and I dig so many that I don't really have a wish list. I really like to build what people ask me to build, building a guitar that I know will be played is very rewarding to me.

Peace, Rich :D

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