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Neck Joint Problems.

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i have a flying V i bought at a pawn shop. i was looking over it and found that it has two pickup slots and the neck one was covered in bondo. i removed the bondo only to find that the little strip of wood inbetween the neck pickup and the neck joint was cracked and it soon fell out.

now i have all the peices to it. can i use some wood glue to fix it or should i just start looking for wood to craft a new body?(the shape is very akward anyway.)


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Ouch! A picture is worth 1000 words, got any? What brand of flying V are you dealing with, a real Gibson? or a copy? And what sort of neck style, bolt on? or is it glued in (set neck). How big are the broken pieces? Sorry about all the questions but if its a REAL Gibson then you'd best make the effort to resurrect the guitar. And more info is needed to figure out what options are available.

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