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Looking For Some Repair Help.

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i have an old crown calssical i got for my 13th birthday. it has always been a nice guitar and its starting to fall apart. the need needs the be reset and the about 1/3 of the top and back are comming up. it also has a chip outfir part of the top (deep chip all the way through to the cavity).

no i know my dad dint pay much for it (less than 60 i think it was used) and i took it to a repair shope and he said all the repairs would be around $100.

is it possible to just do it my self?

when i trying to fix the top should i just take the whole top off and remove all the old glue?

how do i get the rest of the glue off around the neck and top/sides/back so i wont damage the wood any more?

thanks ill have more questios about this guitar its very valubale sentimantal wise.

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In all honesty, it's not worth repairing for its monetary value.

As for the sentimental association, what was described would NOT be an easy fix. I’m surprised a tech would even take the task on with the top having a hole in it. That suggests replacing the top entirely and for $100.00 total repairs, I’d have some reservations, unless you know the person and trust their judgment.

Otherwise, if you have no experience making/modifying/repairing acoustic guitars, I would suggest not attempting the repairs yourself without more experience as it is likely you will destroy the guitar.

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Neck resets should be tackled with a great deal of care and experience.You can tack the back and top in place with a bit of glue and use some tape to fit it back.

But that kind of work does require the right tools and experience to be done right.

Removing a top requires a lot of work,I would even go so far as to say that removing and resetting a top is a little more advanced than resetting a neck.

For $100.00 I would be curious to know what they were going to do and how they where going to do it.

I understand that the guitar has meaning to you,but the cost would be quite a bit.It may be something that you may wish to slack the strings on and store properly until you have the experience to do it yourself or until you feel that you can justify the expense.

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im actually looking into lutherire schools now thinking it could be a good way to go in life.

I will be a good way to go in life if you've got someone who can pay your bills and living expenses for the next 10-15 years until you have built a reputation that will make people want to buy enough of your instruments to support you in the lifestyle to which you would like to become accustomed.

I have been doing this luthier gig for a while now and I still have to put in 50-60 hours a week making chocolate candies that melt in your mouth not in your hands to pay the bills and support my addiction to lutherie.

If you are just getting started, you will quickly learn that lutherie is an addiction, and not an easy one to kick. :D

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That goes for anything that can be called a craft or an art. People have this insane idea that just because you aren't trapped in a meaningless job moving papers from one pile to another you should be happy to work for peanuts or even maybe for free.

I was a professional cabinet maker for 25 years and fortunately woke up early to the cold reality that our culture truly undervalues people that create the worthwile parts of our culture and overrewards the etherial and ephemeral. Witness what we pay teachers as opposed to basketball players and movie actors. I went back to grad school and have a day job that leaves me with enough energy and money to do only the work that I truly want to and feel is worth putting my name on.

Ask yourself if you can live with a second job for the immediate forseeable future and accept that a lot of your free social time will be luthier or woodworking time. If your answer is "that sounds like a great life to me" then welcome to the unoffical worldwide brotherwood of folks who live to get splinters in their fingers. One day you'll look back and see the things that you have put out there making people's lives a little more colorful and interesting. Piles of paper just don't seem to do that for me.

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when i was in high school i worked part time after school in a cabnet shop. they wouldnt let me do the big things (use the saws and the like dam insurance) but i learned a lot from watching and helping when i could.

as for a second job and using most of my free time for woodworking? it sounds alot better than watching tv or playing games. i dont really ever want to have kids so im pretty safe on that front.

im still looking into it so it might be a course to go but maybe not yet.

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