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Look What I Found!

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SWEEET I just found My old Guitar In a online music store I loved this thing SO MUCH

I sold It when I was like 17 for Drugs (youth :D ) I got like 200.00 bucks for It and I felt so bad for selling it because I just loved the dam thing so much I mean just look at that color and MAN It'a for sale it's only 299.99 But Im not totally sure It's mine yet

But Im going down To take A look, but even if it's not I may still buy it

what do you guy's think should I?? :D


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dude if it is yours then get it. it is a part of who you are.

i sold my dream car just over ten years ago, (my wife decided that driving a v8 manual was too hard), i put about 18 months worth of week ends, and almost every dollar i earnt into building it, only to part with it for the princely sum of $5000.

i recently saw it advertised in a car mag for $19000. if i had the cash i would have bought it back, but unfortunately i couldn't.

(ps my very first electric guitar was a vantage as well, a flying v!!)



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Wasn't that only 2 years ago?

Yep :D But I had it for years before I sold It

EDIT:No wait man It was like 5 years ago WOW IM so good at math :D


and that brings me to my next point! She's not mine :D Dam close but not it

Oh well I think Im going for all the same It still brings back good and bad memories, I dont realy know guy's what do you think?


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If you let her go, you can start a new. Also, i've found that things as a child are never as good as you think they are when you are an adult.

I'll try and explain...When you are a kid play certain games on old consoles seem hella fun. When you are older you see them, buy them play them for a few hours and its never as good as you remembered.

The choice is yours i guess...

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Interesting to see that one...looks nice..

I don't think we got any locking trem Vantages in Australia...they mighta stopped before them.

I sold a nice Vantage recently...a blue symetrical Alembic style...SB-20 I think..

It sounded great...the neck was nice, but a bit clubby for my taste...

dang!..I musta dumped the pics...oh well...

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