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Who Offers Parts At A Discount?

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:D I'm looking for high quality that's not over $45 for tuners and $ 45 for tremolo bridge assemblies. I don't want that Indonesian vibe that some cheap parts give off. I'm looking for both durable perfect finishes and nickel finishes that will age. Some of my guitars require a little used look, while others absolutely have to be spot on perfect and convey that.

Is Stew/Mac my only best bet? Some of their stuff I don't like. I'm curious about the following other suppliers:


WD Music


NO FENDER REPLACEMENT PARTS. I'm not building Fenders, I'm making my own....for now.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Stew...yes I'm stalking you!

Firstly...do you know about Brian's (owner of Project Guitar) Universal Jem's site:

Univeral Jems

There are plenty of others too that would be cheaper than StewMac I'm sure.

Allparts are another one.

Just to encourage more interest in your post and to introduce your work I'll post some more of those pics to show off the quality of your work!

Here's a nice one:


And another beauty:


Perhaps write to some of the more likely candidates with some nice photos like these to show them what you're up to. Offer to advertise...warmouth necks...as this will offer prestige to them by being assocsiated with your unique custom designs.

Anyway, I'm sure some other's will be able to offer some more ideas...there is probably a wholesale deal you could strike up with someone I would think but will probably have to be a commercial enterprise...

Good luck


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Check the requirements in your state for getting a resellers license.. then hook up with WD or AllParts. Kluson tuners for instance, are 45 retail at allparts.. so you pay 22.50 as a reseller. A vintage strat bridge might retail at 110 (real deal with steel block, nickel, stamped saddles..) and your reseller price would be 55. etc.. dude, you ought to go that route.. you seriously need to be set up to be doing this professionally.. you gots da skillz :D

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WD Music Products definitely sells wholesale to builders - I know Perry buys from them... he should be able to tell you about the quality.

On a sidenote, can someone please tell me what stews website is or where you are getting these pics? I cant seem to find it for the life of me.

- Dan

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This may be a silly question, but what is that mystery knob?


Beautiful guitars!

That is a fully functional navigation deck light. I fabricated and wired the whole deal. You can turn the light on or off by the two way slider Jag switch at the chrome plate.

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Hey Stew, you are the OCC counter part of the guitar industry? A boat inspired and a surfboard looking guitar cool!!! Doest it have a fin in the back, ... maybe a thruster set up?

Nice work! and on the part deal, like mentioned WD, Stew Mac, Guitarpartsdepot, are a few, on the tremolo for $45, thats a tight one, not much quality stuff for that price.

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