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Humbucker Location On Strat ... Bridge


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Making a strat type guitar with a PAF style humbucker in the bridge position. The other pickup is a single coil in the neck position (with sustainer).

So...how close to the bridge should I position it?


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Doh!....I was hoping for some information when I saw someone actually replied!!!

I'm lead to believe that even tiny differences can do a lot. A strat's single coil is a lot further from the bridge than say the humbucker on my Les Paul.

I should say that an interesting program was posted on the Sustainer Thread that showed the frequency responses but I though there might be some general guidelines before I start cutting up my guitar!

Southpa posted this interesting link...see the Sustainer Thread page 48 first post quote:

Southpa's pickup position link

This program shows the different frequency responses of pickup positions and scale length, etc.

I just thought, as it was a common enough mod they'd be plenty of people with some experience with it....hmmmm?

pete :D

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I like them positioned a little farther away from the bridge than the standard Gibson placement. Plus, the "superstrat" is so much brighter than a set neck, 24 3/4" scale guitar, so you get a much screechier bridge humbucker sound from the very same pickup. Then if you have a floating trem, it's even thinner. So I find that you don't really lose any pinch harmonics or typical bridge pickup overdrive characteristics if you go forward about 3/16" from Gibson placement.

And there's no quicker way to ruin the warmth that you thought you'd have from a humbucker than to put it too close to the bridge. I'd rather not have to go to a higher output, more muddy pickup just to compensate for the loss of low end. I'd rather go with a brighter, cleaner bridge pickup and have the location gain me some extra lows and smoothness. But that's just me.

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I'm with you frank...the pickup is an old PAF style gibson someone was getting rid of after replacing it. I don't want to have extra output and I don't want to have too much of a bark from it either. Only one shot at it really as the pickup will load from the back so there's no chance of moving it!

So waht's the Godins scale length...Fender or Gibson? I'm sure that will make a difference.

Thanks guys

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