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Lap Steel parts and plans needed please!

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Good I want to do one myself but, I intend mine to be a console and would really like it to be an eight string to be able to take advantage of the extended range tunings. Right now I am trying to assemble materials required to implement a design. I wouldn't mind using some alternative type materials keep the nut and bridge as simple as possible. If I like the way it comes out I would consider a second one for alternative tuning and assemble it as adouble necked console.

Here are a few designs that use alternative materials



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Hi, when I first wanted to build a lap steel, I searched the internet over and over again trying to find plans for a decent looking lap steel. Couldnt find any so looked at all the pictures of lap steels on the net for ideas. Found some good ones. Also saw a free plan for a simple 6 string at buildyourguitar.com it was just a thick stick really with strings and a pickup. But gives you an idea of how to start. I then searched everwhere for plans to build an 8 stringer. Not much luck. mimf forum has plans for 8 string lap steel (for a fee). My main concern was string spacing for an 8 stringer. To cut a long story short, I have been in contact with Mr R. J Gluck from Cactus Publishing, he sells a CD on pedal steel guitar building. Lots of work in building a pedal steel. I asked him if he had anything on lapsteels and non pedal steels, and he sent me an email saying that a CD with plans etc. should be coming out soon (possibly later this month) on lap steels...6 and 8 string, stand models, 8 string single.double and triple neck consoles. email is pedlstlr@juno.com

He has me on his mailing list. I have John Tipkas Book on building 6 and 8 string steels but these are traditional guitar shaped lapsteel.

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