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I Think I Blew Up My Bass..


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Hey, I've been a bit of an observer for quite sometime now and I learned quite a bit of useful information from this site. Now finally, I must ask a question.

My old 4 string bit the dust when I was jacking in one day and there was a loud pop. I believe that I just toasted my cap. Any clues?

BTW. I just wanted to say this site is 100 percent more helpful than MIMF.


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if you haven't done so already you might try a little simple troubleshooting before you start taking things apart. try a different cord to make sure the one you were using didn't go bad. try a different guitar to make sure your amp didn't go bad. if you don't have another guitar to use plug your cord into the amp and grab the bare end to see if you get humming. if all that still points to your guitar then do what lk said.

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hmnnn..curious. but it's like lk said..the only caps in a passive setup control the tone and having one go bad wouldn't make the guitar quit working. you could remove it completely and the guitar wouldn't sound the same but it would still work so it's very likely that there is some other problem.

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