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My Next Project ... Some Pre-con. Questions

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Hey there guys.

My current project is drawing to a close you could say and i've started tossing a few ideas around in my head and thought i'd grab some clarification. I'd like to build a neck thru this time, do any of you guys find neck thru to be easier/harder than say bolt on or set? I'm looking at a basswood body and just to be adventurous (because it will be solid finished) a basswood neck. I'd probably go for a curly maple fret board with a 27" scale length just for some difference, i'm a pretty tall guy so i figure why not? i want to use one of the bad ass wrap around style bridges, will i need a neck angle with it? I'm thinking of painting it cream and having zakk's bullseye because i just love it so much.

Peace out guys.

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What gave you the idea for a basswood neck? It's a poor choice without a lot of extra stabilizers like graphite or steel. Even then it's debateable. The fact that you'll be using a longer scale makes it even less likely to succeed.

Yes you'll need a neck angle for a wraparound bridge. You can't really recess it because you need access to the lower end to string it.

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please, please do some research first before you think about trying to do a basswood neck, seriously, a nice maple, cherry would be as easy to build as the useless basswood one your talking about


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