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Laminating My Woods.

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I am going to begin prepping my wood to glue up for my guitar body. I am using a 3" mahogany strip down the middle, with the wings capped in a 1/4" maple top. I was curious as to how my top should be sanded. I have it rough planed to 1/4", should i sand it or just glue it up? i was also thinking of a veneer stripe along all the joints. would i just glue the pieces up the same as normal except apply glue, then veneer, then more glue and clamp? would i do the face of the wood and the veneer on both sides? or is there enough glue just on the face of the wood? I hope i didnt lose anyone.


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if the larger flat surfaces were planed pretty smoothly with no large chip outs you should be able to glue it up just fine.

personally i'd glue up the maple tops to the wings and let them set over night..then re-cut or surface the edges that are going to meet the mahogany to insure a good flat glueing surface and joint. for the last part of the question i'm assuming that you're asking if you put glue on both edges of the pieces that the veneer is going between is that enough glue..as long as you apply the glue liberally to the center piece and the wings it shoud be more than enough so you probably shoudln't have to apply to the veneer but a thin coating couldn't hurt anything.

good luck

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