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Hipshot Bridge

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I have a body that has been sitting here for a while where I had already attached a standard tele bridge plate. However, I never got around to routing for the single coil pup.

That being said - I all of a sudden had the desire o use a set of P90's in the body, but that would mean a new bridge. Having never seen a hipshot bridge - does anyone know if the mounting holes and string through holes match uo with those of a standard allparts tele bridge plate?



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Not knowing which Hipshot bridge you are looking at, I would say that the screw holes will not line up and the string holes probly won't but they might be close. Doesn't help much, does it?

No it doesn't, but my question was all that specific either. :D My bad!

However, your answer is correct. I was able to get a look at the hipshot bridge I had in mind and the hole placement did not match. Oh well, maybe a P90 in the neck.

Thanks Doc,


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