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Schaller Megaswitch Help

Ezo McGribbin

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So I've got this Schaller Original 'E' Model Megaswitch that I want to install in my strat along with two new Duncan Buckers in place of the original three single coils.

I've got the instructions for the switch but despite that I'm not confident that I know what the overall wiring configuration should be when you bring the volume and two tone pots into the mix. Can anyone please help with a diagram for this?

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you need to wire the switch as it says in those instructions. then wire the rest as per this:

volume pot output goes to one side of the volume pot, the other side is grounded and the centre is the output (wire this to the outupt jack)

wire 2 [neck hot](from the stew mac digram) to one side of the first tone and conect a capacitor between the middle wiper and ground.

wire 7 [bridge hot] (again from the stew mac digram) to the second tone pot as directed above.

this should give you a 'master volume' and first tone will work in possitions 1,2 and 3 and the second tone in possitions 4 and 5

never done wiring like this but it should work fine!

I'll do a diagram if you want but it was quicker to write it than draw it!

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Thanks for your input!

I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do, but if you ever feel a burning desire to express yourself diagramatically don't let me stand in your way!

I see that you have the tone pots wired up differently than in the 2nd diagram at the bottom of the instructions. Will these different methods have different results?

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you can wire up your tone circuits like they have but I wouldn't. it doesn't give a very versitile control (IMHO of course). I personaly prefer a 'rythm' and a 'treble' tone control rather than a 'neck' and 'middle' control that they suggest. both will work though.

also they've used one capacitor form both tone controls, which (again IMHO) is a false economy (capacitors cost essentially nothing) and using two will allow you to have more control on your sound (as a larger capacitor will affect more of the high->mid frequencies). with two you can have a larger capacitor for the 'rythm' and a smaller for the 'treble' setting.

hope this is helpful!


the conductor wiring on the SD pickups is the right colours (other than the yellow lead on here which is white in real life). I've used lots of contrasting colours to help make things clear.

please don't hesitate to ask questions!

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