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I found some free CAD software and although it isnt Autocad, its still good for all the budding builders out there.

Firstly, e-mail


and request a username and password. Supply your first and last name and a username and GrayTech chosen password will be returned to you the next weekday morning.

Once you get a reply....go here


You cant download it unless you obtain a user name and password first, but dont worry, its a completely free version of X11 that seems quite powerful judging by the demo files you can download from the same page. It also imports DXF files.

Give it a try

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Hmm ive applied for a username/password the usual...

From what ive seen in the screenshots... this software looks very good... i also found another bit of software but cant remeber what it was....

I always found looking at the open source software often brings up some intresting software...

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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go to www.sketchup.com. and download the trial version and just find a activation key off the net.

the actuall program is meant for architecture, but in more recent versions it's capabilities have expanded and it can be now used for almost anything.

it is what i use to design my guitars,

k cya :D

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I've just been using TurboCAD to design most of the stuff I've been doing, but the only drawback is that it's only 2D. I don't know what everyone else here uses, but I would be interested to experiment with other programs, anyone know where I can find a few different ones (for free)?

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Gotta say, Emachine shop's 3d CAD freeware is my favorite. The cool thing is, you can get an instant quote from their online machining service, which has quite a variety of different machines, from 3-axis mills to injection mold machines. Even cooler, it's free from www.emachineshop.com . I'm thinking of getting some guitar parts machined from them.

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