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Warped Neck Blank

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I got a 4X1x36 inch maple neck blank that has been sat on my shelf for 4 weeks and has developed some twist & bow, about 1/5 of an inch. I got 2 other similar blanks at the same time and they are fine, stacked flat on the same shelf. They are all flatsawn.

So what should I do with it? Should I machine the bow/twist out, should I clamp it, or should I not use it at all?

Also will this be down to a humidity change between the shop & my room? Should I think about getting a dehumidyfier?



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I would not use it. Check the grain. Look to see if it is running diagonally anywhere in the board. Odd grain patters sometimes have internal stresses that can let go when sawn.


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I had a similar problem with a neck blank. Check out this topic here:


Myka and Frank Falbo encouraged me to use it anyway and it turned out just fine. I ended up running it through a jointer, applying post blade pressure to prevent corkscrewing. Here is the finished product:


Good Luck!

Best Regards,


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Hey Mike I have a quetion or two for you. I hope its cool to ask you here and I don't mean to interrupt anything. Well I just bought a 6/4 piece of maple with light figuring of curly nature and one end has a slight crack like end checking I guess. It is only like an inch and I left about 4 inches to work with, its 30 inches total length. This wood is dry,so do I need to worry about any further checking? And when I cut it should I clamp it to keep it from spreading the crack down the board? The piece of wood was like 18 feet and this was the end, so I don't think its anything to worry about. I got really lucky because the store I got it from was charging $18.79 b/ft for Birdseye and $20 for curly in 12/4 Very expensive in my eyes, I live in san diego, if someone know of a cheaper or better place than Cut and Dry Hardwoods. This wood was from the normal rock maple and it has some nice but minor curling in it. By the way Mike your work is superb and I will probably need your guidence further down the line. Thanks for your time. Jason

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